19 Ekim 2012 Cuma

Unpublished Writings - 3 / Talking is necessary but sometimes not possible

The article “Talking to Turkey’s Kurds”, on Feb.26th, by A.Marcus and A.Apostolou contains claims which should be discussed.

They claim that the core of the “Kurdish problem” is not PKK, but that Turkey’s denial of basic political and cultural rights to the Kurds. This is a superficial point of view.

In the past, one could argue that Turkey had a prohibitive approach to the Kurds, but now, such an argument will not have a basis. Considering Turkey’s effort for developing the southeast region economically, we see that Turkey tries its best for the last 5 years.

Turkey knows well, that the people of southwest want peace, and expect their country to rescue them from PKK. Otherwise, PKK would have a strong sociological base. It is not the fact.

Another claim of the writers is that Turkey responded with hostility to DTP. I do not support any idea to close a party. But, how can a dialogue be possible with a party which does not see PKK as a terrorist organization? Dialogue with them is really difficult, but it does not mean that Turkey refuses a political solution or peace.

For Boston Globe, February 26th, 2006

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