19 Ekim 2012 Cuma

Unpublished Writings - 2 / They are not guerillas

           We can observe that the Kurdish terrorist group PKK is expressed in the western media as a guerilla group fighting against the Turkish army. It is really a fact that almost in none of the news, articles or comments in the American or European media, the word “terrorist” is used for PKK.
           Western citizens are, of course not expected to fully feel what eastern people feel. Thus, it is understandable to some extend that they do not object or protest the dirty way of transmitting information to the mass, because of cultural and spiritual differences between the West which has its roots in Greek-Latin heritage, and the East which has its roots in Islam, Buddhism or other non-Greek elements of cultural heritage. They may not be aware of the Jewish force influencing the world media.
          Unfortunately, similar expressions are used in eastern, and even Muslim media in the Middle East. The last article of Mr. Salah Hemeid (Ready and waiting, Al-Ahram Weekly, No.868, October 25th, 2007), actually surprised me as I did not expect in Al-Ahram expressions which resemble definitions and explanations of the Western, especially pro-Israeli medium of communication.
          It is difficult for me, and for many Turks to get used to such statements, not because we are Turks or Muslims, merely since we cannot understand how a terrorist group killing babies can be defined as guerillas fighting the army.
          I am almost sure that the descriptions and claims I give below will be easily accepted by a huge majority of the mankind, regardless of their nationality, language, religion, education, or any other difference.
          A guerilla group plans and carries out extraordinary attacks against its enemies which are mainly well defined armies. It does not plan assassinations.
          As mentioned, they attack armies, but not citizens. They never attack innocent people, let alone children and babies. A guerilla cannot kill babies. Anyone who kills babies does not deserve to be called as a guerilla, he or she can only be a terrorist who has lost his or her human characteristics and peculiarities.
          I do not think that there is need for additional words, comments or suggestions. We just want writers and journalist to see that real guerillas fight for their land, and that they do not kill innocent people. Che Guevera was a real guerilla. Not only Turks, but any sensible human being would appreciate and welcome any expression defining and calling guerillas as “guerillas” and terrorists as “terrorists”.
For Al-Ahram Weekly, September 2007

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