1 Şubat 2011 Salı


I come every morning to the beginning of this street
thinking that you will pass from here
I wait, wait, and wait...

when you are seen from far
my heart does not fit to its cage,
tulips bloom in me...
an inexplicable warmth embraces my body
I burn from top to toe...
I do not see who is on the street, I cannot see.
I do not see the trees
and when you approach
freezes my blood, freezes my mind
freezes my soul...
everything freezes in me

you just pass by,
it does not change anything whether I exist or not
it does not matter for you, for the world
or for the sun

when I return home
I carry a dream with me...
there is still a reason again
to overcome the dark and cold night
still a reason for me,
another reason to reach tomorrow morning,
I will run again,

I will run again the following morning
to the beginning of the same street

Translated by: Richard Mildstone

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